Stump Grinding and Removal From Ohio Tree & Excavation

Tree Surgeon Stump removal

If you need a tree stump removed, it’s probably best to contact a professional tree removal service such as What does a tree surgeon do. These specialists can explain the process and discuss safety concerns with you. Stump removal is an extremely important part of tree care, as the roots of larger trees could become too mature to be removed safely. Also, it allows for immediate building work, since it eliminates the risk of fungus growth. A professional tree service will also prevent suckering such as Tree Surgeon Cardiff.

Stump grinding

Whether you have a single large stump or several, it’s probably best to leave the stump grinding to a professional such as Tree Surgery. The process can be messy and requires an expert to get the job done right. Tree Surgeon’s stump grinders are experienced and well-equipped to handle the job. The base price for stump grinding is determined by the diameter of the stump in inches, including roots above ground. The measurement can be done before or after the tree is removed. Ideally, you’ll measure the stump “from dirt to dirt,” which means from one end of the stump to the other and from opposite root points. In this way, the area between the stump and the ground is most accurately measured.

A tree stump can be unsightly and can ruin the appearance of your yard. It’s also a breeding ground for various pests and diseases. Pests like termites can cause massive damage to your property, so you must get rid of the tree stump completely to avoid any problems. In addition, digging up a tree stump involves disturbing a large area of the yard and can uproot other plants. Fortunately, stump grinding minimizes these risks.

Preservative coatings

Preservative coatings for tree surgeon stumps are a great way to protect your stump. To start, you should clean the surface thoroughly and remove any lumps or debris. Once this is done, you can sand the stump to make it smoother. Use high-grit paper to do this. Then, apply a protective coating.

Preservatives are water-based and can be applied to tree stumps or timbers. They are applied using a modified Boucherie process. A modified Boucherie technique involves placing freshly cut timbers on a skid, slightly elevated, and fastening a water-tight covering cap over them. The preservative is then injected into the wood through holes bored in the end of the timber. These preservatives are less effective than conventional methods as they do not penetrate as deeply as traditional wood-based preservatives do.


If you are considering stump removal for your property, you might be wondering how to go about it. Tree stumps can be a major nuisance and can be a difficult task to tackle by yourself. Fortunately, stump grinding is an affordable and safe solution. The team at Ohio Tree & Excavation has the expertise and experience necessary to safely and efficiently remove tree stumps such as What does a tree surgeon do.

While stump removal is the preferred method, it may not always be possible to do so, particularly if there are utilities or septic drain fields nearby. In these cases, stump grinding may be the only solution.


When you need a tree surgeon to remove a stump, you may be wondering how much it will cost. The size of the stump will determine the cost. You can determine this by measuring from the base of the stump to the opposite edge. After determining the size of the stump, you can ask for a quote. Some companies charge per inch of diameter, while others charge a flat fee.

One method of removing a tree stump is to use chemicals. These chemicals are incredibly effective at rotting tree stumps, but they can be costly as well. Typically, chemical stump removal costs $100 per stump, although some professionals offer discounts for multiple stumps. Once a stump is rotted, it is easier to remove.