A Brief History of Cardiff Castle

If you are looking for a detailed history of Cardiff Castle, then you have come to the right place. The castle was built in the fourteenth century. It is one of the most famous castles in Wales. Its history goes back to the days of the Welsh Princes. They were hostile towards the Norman Lords. Fortunately for them, they were defeated by Robert Fitzhamon, the new Lord of Glamorgan. The castle was built with defensive works on the northern and western sides. This included the construction of a 40-foot-high motte that would have been topped by a wooden keep.

Gilbert de Clare

During the Welsh rebellion of 1294-1295, Gilbert de Clare and the Clare family fled to their English estates. Llywelyn ap Rhys, a rebel king, was in a position to seize Glamorgan from the Clare family. However, Gilbert returned to the Welsh border and captured the rebel leader. He then moved him to Clare Castle in Kilkenny.

Gilbert de Clare was the son of Richard de Clare and Maud de Lacy. He took the estates and titles upon his father’s death in 1262. At the time, he was still an underage child. Hence, he was put under the wardship of Humphrey de Bohun, another de Clare.

Gilbert de Clare’s grandson

Hugh II was the son of Edward II and the great-grandson of Edward I. He was also the grandson of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Gilbert the Red. Both of his parents rose to prominence during Edward II’s reign and later fell from power. Gilbert de Clare had a substantial estate in the county of Suffolk, but his father held estates in Suffolk, Essex, and Surrey. He also had holdings in many other counties throughout the southern and eastern parts of the kingdom.

Gilbert carried on his family’s military tradition, and was appointed warden of Scotland in 1308. He then became captain of Scotland and the northern Marches. While serving as a captain, he was respected by the king, and was later awarded two terms as Guardian of the Realm.

Gilbert de Clare’s son

Gilbert de Clare’s son Richard de Clare is an important figure in the history of Cardiff Castle. Richard de Clare was the sixth Earl of Gloucester and he began construction works to raise the castle’s defenses. During this period, Cardiff was in danger of being attacked by the Welsh prince Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. However, the Welsh prince did not attack Cardiff and Caerphilly Castle did not fall into their hands.

Gilbert de Clare was a brave and honest man. He was a lord of England and had three daughters. One of his daughters, Eleanor, married Hugh Despenser the Younger, who was a favorite of Edward II. Another daughter, Margaret, married Piers Gaveston. And the third daughter, Alice, married Hugh de Audley, the first Earl of Gloucester.